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Odyssey Photography contributor publishes two books 25.11.2006
Christopher Herwig has recently self-published two books. STANORAMA is a photographic experience exploring the five relatively new Central Asian countries which were formed out of the ashes of the former USSR: namely Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The book plays on the countries common links as well as the regions amazing contrasts. From Silk road cities, to wild horse games, to soviet kitsch and new oil wealth, the viewer is offered a rare look at life in a part of the world mysterious and unknown to many.

Soviet Bus Stops is an excitingly unique photo collection of images showcasing the creative freedom unleashed by the Soviets when it came to designing bus stops. Sometimes appearing out of seemingly nowhere these bus stops display bold imagination where one would least expect it. Bus shelters ranging in shape from pure graphic designs to elaborate colourful creation such a traditional hats, birds, yurts and much more.

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